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Horse Mad series

Horse Mad Series

Totally Horse Mad
by Kathy Helidoniotis
ISBN: 9780732284206Totally Horse Mad

I had a great idea. Maybe I could buy Princess. Then she'd really be mine, not just a horse I rode once a week ... I made up my mind. If it was the last thing I did, I was going to get my very own horse.

The only things that stand between Ashleigh Miller and the horse of her dreams are a whole lot of dollars that she doesn't have, parents who don't know one end of a horse from another and a city backyard the size of a shoebox.

Ashleigh can't believe it when her parents announce that she will really have a horse of her own, but at a price she could never have imagined. She will have to say goodbye to her best friend, Jenna, South Beach Stables and her favourite horse, Princess. Ashleigh and her family are leaving the city and heading for Shady Creek, a small country town. And that's where the adventures in this Horse Mad series really begin.

Horse Mad Summer
by Kathy Helidoniotis
ISBN: 9780732284213Horse Mad Summer

I wrapped my arms around Honey's neck and hugged her hard, feeling her warmth seep into my arms and breathing her sweet, horsy smell. 'Just wait,' I murmured, untacking her. 'We're going to have the best summer. The best summer ever!'

Ashleigh is itching for her Horse Mad holiday with Becky and Jenna to begin. Her two best friends will be meeting each other for the first time and she's sure all three of them will have the best summer together.

But when Jenna finally arrives from the city, Ashliegh feels like the ham in the sandwich. Torn between spending time with Jenna and helping her with her riding lessons and keeping an eye on the Creepketeers with Becky, Ashleigh's dream holiday isn't turning out as she'd hoped. The situation gets worse when Jenna confides in Ash and makes her promise not to tell anyone - not even Becky. With the secret threatening to tear them apart, can Ashleigh bring her two best friends together before the summer is over?

Horse Mad Academy
By Kathy Helidoniotis
ISBN: 9780732284220Horse Mad Academy

Standards are high at the Waratah Grove Riding Academy. Can Ashleigh and her horse, Honey, make the grade?

I spun around slowly on the spot, taking everything in. I couldn't believe it. A year ago I was living in the city, riding once a week and dreaming that one day I would have a horse of my own. Now Honey and I were at Waratah Grove - one of the best riding academies in the country! The next four weeks are going to be like one long beautiful Horse Mad dream.

The Junior Cross-Country Riding Championships are over and Ashleigh Miller has arrived at Waratah Grove Riding Academy. It's a dream come true for any Horse Mad kid, but as Ashleigh discovers, things don't always turn out like you hope they will. With a gruelling riding schedule, training with the best junior riders in Australia, and a horse who just refuses to do dressage, Ash is shocked when she finally begins to unravel Honey's mysterious past. Does she have what it takes to help her horse heal her soul? And with tensions between the riders also running high, Ashleigh is beginning to think that life in Shady Creek with the Creepketeers is simple. Ash comes home from Waratah Grove Academy to find that the baby is due any day and best friend Becky's cast is off, which means riding together again at last!

Horse Mad Heroes
By Kathy Helidoniotis
ISBN: 9780732284237Horse Mad Heroes

The Miller household is thrown into chaos when the baby is born and Ash finds herself at the bottom of the pecking order for the first time in her life. And the baby is cute, but very noisy, and to top it all off he's a boy!

Ash finds solace in Shady Trails Riding Ranch. It's every horse-mad kid's fantasy and Ash lands her first real job there. But as Shady Trails grows, Shady Creek Riding Club starts to lose members, which is worrying for Becky whose father runs the club. She demands an ultimatum from Ash - it's Shady Trails or their friendship.

Just when Ash is convinced that she and Becky will never rekindle their friendship, Becky arrives with devastating news. Her sister Rachael has sold the beloved Appaloosa mare Cassata and used the money to buy an old car. The friends put aside their differences and determine to bring Cassata home - whatever the cost.

Horse Mad Western
By Kathy HelidoniotisHorse Mad Western
ISBN: 9780732284244

'This gear is so cool!' I said, wriggling into a purple long-sleeved shirt with huge silver buttons, a pointy silver collar and sequins. It was Pinebark Ridge Western Riding Club Show Day and I was dressed to thrill.'

Ashleigh Miller feels like she's losing control. There's her job at Shady Trails Riding Ranch, Riding Club, two horses, three best friends, three mortal enemies and two new 'friends' to take care of. With her parents' new B & B now up and running, there are also guests to look after. At least there's one piece of good news in her life - Jenna is coming to visit.

Meanwhile, there's the challenge of learning a whole new style of riding before the Western Riding Show. And since Gary won't own up to his past, that means taking lessons from the most experienced Western rider in Shady Creek - King Creepketeer, Flea Fowler!

Horse Mad Heights
by Kathy Helidoniotis
ISBN 9780732285937Horse Mad Heights

It was time to say goodbye to our parents and hello to high school and the whole new Linley Heights world. Hello to homework and teachers and roommates. Hello to uniforms and panama hats and bells. And‚ best of all‚ hello to riding at school‚ horsemanship classes and polocrosse matches!

Ashleigh Miller has landed a riding scholarship to the prestigious Linley Heights School and she′s on top of the world. Who wouldn′t want to live‚ learn and ride at a school where the classroom is in the riding arena‚ the teachers wear joddies and your horse can board with you? There′s also the excitement of playing polocrosse and Ash is desperate to make the school team. It′s hard being the new kid though‚ particularly when you're missing your best friends back home. Is being totally horse−mad enough to help Ash survive at Linley Heights?

Is being horse−mad enough for Ash to survive her new school?

Horse Mad Whispers
by Kathy Helidoniotis
ISBN 9780732289997Horse Mad Whispers

Ash recovers from her accident and discovers natural horsemanship (horse whispering). In doing so, she learns to understand not only Lightning (the horse she was so badly injured by) but horses in general.

Meanwhile, Ash is up against a nasty cyber bully, and the anti-horse campaign at Linley is growing. Ash must speak out for Lightning at a meeting to save him from destruction. Overcoming her fear of riding, she finishes the term triumphantly moving to Level A. It looks like her scholarship is finally secure.

But her friend Becky is desperate for help - the land that Shady Creek Riding Club uses has been earmarked for development and lots of the boys have quit horses for football. Ash, Becky and Pree come up with a brilliant plan - starting a polocrosse club and kicking off a regional competition. Will it be enough to save Shady Creek Riding Club?

Horse Mad Forever
by Kathy Helidoniotis
ISBN 9780732290009Horse Mad Forever7

It's Term 3 at Linley, and Ashleigh demonstrates a natural ability for teaching the younger girls. When Claire Carlson, her impossible room-mate, reveals an amazing artistic talent, the two girls connect for the first time. Meanwhile, Ash is introduced to endurance riding and falls head over tail in love with the sport, competing for Linley with her beloved mare Honey. Emily is finally allowed to take formal riding lessons at Linley and she, Ash and Ricki take on India and her posse at the end-of-term funkhana.

Back in Shady Creek, Becky has lost the fight to save the Riding Club, and she and Ash are heartbroken as they stand by and watch as Gary′s office is bulldozed. But the club is miraculously saved by Mrs Mac, who offers them a new home at Shady Trails. Shady Creek Riding Club will live forever.

Ash comes to realise that changes, while sometimes unexpected and unwelcome, can often help us to grow.


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